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What We Do

The MITA Group excels at predicting digital opportunities and creating pragmatic playbooks with a vision of accelerating growth today and into the future. At The MITA Group we pride ourselves on being in the digital arena to deliver solutions and products that:

Unlock new market opportunities through verified identities and digital transactions

Demystify identity in the new digital normal

Weaponize key customer and market feedback into digital products and selling opportunities

Decode digital transformation and identity for core businesses

Led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and business executives with over 25 years of experience in the digital arena, the MITA Groups’ goal is to accelerate business by converting strategy into action. Check out Verituity our platform that helps our customers enable verified digital transactions. Check out our Services that help our customers accelerate growth in the digital arena.

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Learn about Verituity our last product that helps organization power verified digital transactions such as payments and account opening


Help your organization create and weaponize digital and identity solutions for the digital arena