Digital and Identity Products

The MITA Groups works with our clients to develop and launch innovative digital and identity-centric products. We build and incubate digital businesses by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organizations thrive in the digital age. We help our clients capture the power of, identity, data and artificial intelligence, and modernized technology stacks to fuel digital growth and create amazing digital experiences. Our services include business innovation and incubation, product strategies and roadmaps, market analysis, customer experiences and product launch plans. Some of our successes include:

Verituity – verified, digital transactions: Our latest product innovation is Verituity, a powerful platform that helps organizes enable frictionless verified, digital transactions through the integration of verified identities and transaction orchestration.

Verituity Features

Threat Intel Platform: The MITA Group led the creation of a new cyber threat intelligence product from product inception to go-to-market plans and initial launch. The platform rapidly became one of market leading solutions for government and commercial clients.

Small Business Marketing Platform: The MITA Group helped incubated a cloud-based, all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses. Developed concept, raised $100K in seed capital, and led development of platform.

Big-Data Product: The MITA Group helped our client identify a new market opportunity that leveraged the data their core product generated through a series of customer interviews. After identifying that market, The MITA Group defined product, developed the business and go to market plan, and identified cornerstone customers including closing the initial $1M customer.

CI/CD Platform: The MITA Group developed the product strategy and roadmap for an automated workflow that integrated software development tools, devops processes and cloud-based hosting solutions for the secure and continuous development and deployment of software.