Approach and Services

The MITA Group’s new market entry services leverage our clients’ core capabilities and align their technology, people and strategy to identify scalable opportunities.  Our services follow a market driven approach starting with mapping market input to core capabilities (market planning), then executable product and go to market plans (product marketing) and finally cornerstone customers and alliances (business development).  To insure customer input is always present, the MITA Group uses an approach that we call market entry math.  This approach builds from pervasive customer needs and culminates with an executable market entry plan that leverages our client’s core capabilities and articulates a differentiated product, a scalable channel or sales plan and a cornerstone customer sales and marketing plan.

Market Development Math


Market Planning:  Our marketing planning services start with a market survey to identify pervasive customer needs that map to our client’s core capabilities.  After creating what we call the opportunity grid, we assess which markets are addressable based on our client’s existing business infrastructure, core capabilities and are scalable based on the pervasiveness of customer needs.   Finally we define the “stack” required to successfully meet those customer needs in a differentiated and sustainable manner.

Product Marketing:  The MITA Group believes that a successful plan is more than strategy; it’s about developing an actionable road map.   Our product marketing services do just that.  Using customer input and a software stack approach we first define a differentiated stack and identify which layers or services our client should develop, which they should partner for and which they should acquire.   From there we develop an executable road map that includes product plans, an expandable distribution and sales plan, and resources required to execute.  Finally, we work with our clients to develop a cornerstone customer and/or channel marketing and sales plan that can accelerate their entry into a new market.

Business Development:  The MITA Group takes a targeted approach to business development – we focus on cornerstone customers and channels that can materially impact success.  This means that we work with our clients to identify thought and market leaders and cornerstone customers, early in the process so we can understand their business needs during the planning phase and develop the relationships necessary to accelerate our clients business.

Market Dives:   We begin all engagements by conducting a “Shallow Dive.” This high level analysis report provides clients with an interview and research discovery overview of a market’s perceived reception of the client’s solution set.

The MITA’s research team can provide a more comprehensive report referred to as a “Deep Dive” that aggregates the data required for a company to develop an entire new market business strategy. By utilizing our industry contacts, we conduct interviews with potential customer groups and translate that feedback into our reports. The Deep Dive is a proven resource for corporations to determine whether to invest resources into new market. The investment banking community has also retained MITA to conduct research assessments.