Case Studies

Identity and Access Management Market Leader

Scenario: Our client was the leader in the  enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) market.  They were searching for the means to expand their offering to meet the evolution that was occurring in the IAM market.

Objective:  Assess the IAM market to identify the gaps in our client’s IAM solution stack and to identify potential alliance or acquisition targets to would complete their stack.

Solution:  Surveyed cornerstone customers and service organization that had IAM practices to identify current needs and problems/pain points they needed to address.  Using that information, we assessed which needs where scalable and pervasive across the market and what companies had developed unique solutions.  After identifying companies and assessing the feasibility of acquiring or partnering for the technology, we developed the strategy, the tactical approach, business cases and performed the due diligence required to make informed decisions.

Results: Our client ended up extending their IAM stack by acquiring one of the companies we identified and by partnering with two.

Big Data Market Opportunity

Scenario: Our client was seeking to expand beyond their core business by leveraging their data resources.

Objective:  Assess the big data market and our clients core capabilities to identify a unique and scalable market opportunity and to work with the appropriate product teams to develop a beta service so the client could validate the market opportunity.

Solution:  Researched the existing market and assessed the needs of enterprises that can leverage big data to enhance their business and identify our client’s core capabilities that can be leveraged in the big data market.   After defining a unique platform and defining a scalable business model, we worked with our client to develop the service and identify and “sell” cornerstone customers.

Results: We signed four beta enterprise customers and our client launched the service.