Partner In

The MITA Group believe that if properly utilized a partner-in approach for new markets can be an effective way to address “market must have” gaps.  These gaps exist when mapping pervasive customers needs, the business framework and the solution stack against our clients core capabilities and technology.

partner in

Whether it’s a sales gap, a stack gap or delivery gap, finding the right partner can improve the competitiveness of the solution, lower the risk of entering a new market  and increase the speed of entry into most new market opportunities.  We also are strong believers that not all partners are good partners for accelerating our client’s entry into a new market.  Some key questions we ask when developing a partner in plan and identifying potential partners are:

  • Is the solution unique without the partner?
  • Does the partner have a natural incentive to succeed?
  • Can the partner accelerate your market entry by 12 or more months?
  • Is the partner acquirable or open to a long term partnership deal if you succeed?
  • Is the partners culture compatible with our client’s?

After identifying the gaps that can be closed with partners, we work with our client to develop a partner in pipeline of qualified partners that can accelerate their market entry and help establish our client as a market leader.