Communications and Public Affairs

We work with our clients to understand their specific business and policy objectives goals and the resources that can ultimately yield success against those objectives. Utilizing this understanding, we develop and implement tailored public affairs strategies to help our clients achieve their objectives.  These strategies include message development, identification of key pressure points within the decision making process, direct advocacy and information-gathering.

Issue Management & Tracking

The MITA Group uses a combination of technology-based tools and processes and a broad network of professional relationships to follow issues as they progress and develop, enabling us to anticipate actions and proactively respond in our client’s best interest.  We have the ability to take complex issues and develop targeted strategies and programs that are designed to educate and inform key policy leaders of issues relevant to our client’s business.  This process includes researching our client’s issues, developing communication plans, targeting public policy events, and identifying corporate resources that our clients can bring to bear throughout the process.


The MITA Group leverages a client’s industry position and resources to build programs that will increase their profile and effectiveness in the federal government and political arenas.  These programs are designed to position the client as a critical source of knowledge for government leaders while supporting the client’s legislative, regulatory and business objectives.  This program can work for the company that has never had a presence in Washington, DC as well as the firm that is so focused on the specific legislative battles of the day that they loose sight of the need for a long term political strategy.

The MITA Group helps our clients develop contacts throughout the political establishment, cultivating new messages and relationships for the future.  Developing communications programs now allows our clients to lay the foundation that could augment their business objectives over the medium and long terms.

International Affairs

International companies or associations wishing to navigate the complexities of the U.S. foreign policy or trade arena can rely on the MITA Group to provide experienced advice and advocacy for their public affairs issues.  Similarly, the MITA Group can provide American companies with risk analysis and access to top decision makers in foreign markets.