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Digital & Identity Services

The MITA Group’s professional services are designed to help our client’s accelerate their digital transformation and growth through a focus on identity and data-centric solutions. We start by capturing market feedback and then weaponize the feedback into executable go-to-market, new product, identity and data governance playbooks.

Market Sensing

Market Assessment

The MITA Group’s market assessments are designed to continuously capture direct feedback from the c-level, decision makers and market leaders on the current and future state of their business requirements and key industry trends. Our goal is to identify scalable markets where our clients can create a differentiated market position.

Pricing Strategy

Based on market surveys and customer feedback, we help our clients determine the right pricing model to maximize sales and profits. Our goal is help our client’s develop model that are simple, map to their customer’s business value and drive sales.

Data Governance

Privacy Compliance

Establishing privacy compliance and controls is a never ending challenge. We work hand in hand with our client’s to develop solutions and playbooks that balance their business goals with their risk while meeting compliance requirements such as CCPA.

Data Strategy

Implementing an effective and scalable data strategy that support using AI or machine learning starts with asking the rights questions and bringing the right set of data to the table. We help our client’s assess their data needs and develop a strategy of how to acquire data from third parties and extract value from their existing customer and market data.


New Products

Leveraging market sensing and secondary research, we work with our client’s to develop product playbooks that provide actionable road maps and business models.

Verified Identity

As the marketplace become increasing digitized, the need for verified identities being linked to transaction and products is increasing. We work with our clients to develop product strategies and plans that take advantage of the knowledge and risk reduction that go hand in hand with verified identities.

Enterprise Go-to-Market

Utilizing direct market feedback, we help our client’s develop weaponized sales and go-to-market playbooks. These playbooks position include an overview of the value to each executive member of an ESG, scalable channels models and enterprise sales tactics.