Social Media & Marketing

Social Media

The MITA Group provides a full service approach to social marketing that seamlessly integrates strategy, technology and social marketing programs.

Just like in real life, the MITA Group believes that your friends are your best advocates, product reviewers, and sources of  qualified referrals.  As a result, our proven approach to driving measurable results leverages your friends, the right content, the right social graph and the right calls to action to recruit, engage and activate your businesses or organization’s social network.

Customer Focus

Having spent over 15 years successfully marketing on internet from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups to small businesses, we at the MITA Group believe that core to any successful social marketing campaign is understand your customers or supporters expectations, needs, interests and social graph.   We use this understanding to create campaigns that are relevant to your customers or supporters, are targeted to those individuals willing to engage and offer cost effective  results .

Connecting and Activating

The convergence of social, mobility and content has brought to the forefront the age old marketing adage that customers and supporters trust each other more than they trust brands or organizations.   As a result, our social marketing campaigns utilize a proven approach that leverages your active customers or supporters to recruit, engage and activate or drive action with other customers or supporters.

It’s a marketing plus technology

The MITA Group integrates technology solutions with social marketing campaigns to maximize the reach and effectiveness of your customers or supporters social graph so you can achieve your desired results.  Whether its a Facebook page, Facebook app, a blog or mobile app, the MITA Group believes that any successful social marketing campaign requires matching the right technology with your customers or supporters digital behavior and with your marketing objective.