The MITA Group’s approach to driving social action whether it’s for advocacy, selling or branding reasons is to first recruit, then engage, and finally activate your companies or organizations friends.  It is our belief that until you actually engage your friends in a meaningful way, any attempt to activate them will fall short.  As result, MITA Group utilizes a time-proven four step approach that builds from recruitment to activation:

  • Do the math — start with definable outcomes and track metrics through completion
  • Define the target market and affinity segments
  • Develop the recruiting, engagement and activation programs
  • Launch, measure, optimize and scale

Do the Math & Define the Target Market

MITA Group believes that any digital or social media campaign begins with doing what we call “Doing the Math” and defining the target market by measurable micro-segments.   The process of “Doing the Math” quantifies the desired outcome and then using our proprietary model we assess the number of friends we need to reach or connect with at each step of the way.  This model then becomes the basis for how we create a recruit, engage and activate program that will maximize the results.

Recruit, Engage and Activate Programs

MITA Group’s social marketing campaigns utilize a proven approach that leverages your company’s or organization’s “friends” to recruit, engage and activate your social network.  We start by identifying and engaging what we call social ‘gathers,’ individuals who have relevant followers, and affinity connectors, groups that have an existing relationship with potential supporters, to help us recruit potential customers or supporters.   After establishing a base of friends we then use what we call engagement catalysts (relevant expert content, user submitted content, polls etc) to drive engagement as we build up the trust necessary to  active your social network.  Once we establish a level of engagement and trust across your social network we then use contextual calls to action and what we call social activators, individuals who are active and can influence others to act, to drive activation.

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