Case Studies

National Reality TV Show

Scenario:  Our client was a popular singer with support within their musical genre’s default demographic, but with little traction beyond.  They accepted an invitation to perform on a weekly network reality TV show. whose survivors were determined by the judge’s and a weekly popular vote.

Objective:  The objective was – 1) help our client capture as high a percentage of the popular vote as possible to remain on the show each week, and 2) capture new fans beyond their default demographic to join their fan club and support their appearances beyond the show’s broadcast schedule.

Solution:  Created and engaged an active social network by tapping into potential off-line and online networks.  Key to this program was finding and recruiting new fans across audience segments that watched the show and providing a platform for fans to share their stories or favorite moment.

Results:  The program resulted in positive on-show voting for our client. While the panel judges repeatedly found our client to be outside the top tier, the popular vote support enabled our client to stay on the program for an additional six weeks. In addition, we increased our client’s online fan club and paid membership from fewer than 1,000 members to over 25,000 in six weeks.Expanding the Reach of a National Special Event

Scenario:  Our client was the executive in charge of a national multi-day special event that was seeking to expand the reach of the event outside traditional media and the attendees.

Objective:  The objective was to leverage social media and mobile apps to – 1) help our client expand the reach and impact of their message, and 2) capture, engage and activate new followers beyond the attendees and our client’s traditional supporter base.

Solution:  The solution had 3 primary components: 1) an active social outreach program to recruit social gathers (influencers) and affiliated groups to help capture community members; 2) a Facebook app that made it easy for individuals to join, follow, invite their friends and tell their story; and 3) a mobile app that made it easy to watch and participate from anywhere at any time.   Key to this program was making it easy for individuals to participate via Facebook and their mobile device and finding and recruiting individuals across market segments that aligned with the organizations core messages.

Results:  Program resulted in a Facebook activation rate of over 30% with the lowest cost-per-acquisition metric of any program deployed for this event.Home Owners Association

Scenario:  A suburban homeowner’s association was at odds with a local power generation conglomerate on their proposed placement of high voltage power-lines. After traditional means of negotiation yielded little to no result, the HOA contracted with us to support their efforts to raise awareness of the utility’s proposal and mobilize public support in the HOA’s favor.

Goal:  The end-goal of our HOA client was to force the utility company to take input from local communities affected by their intended utility tower placements and to work with those communities on choosing alternative locations with less community impact.

Solution:  Create an issue-focused website and a local social network of supporters as well as a communications platform that targeted local media and public officials.

Results:  Created enough engagement and groundswell of support for the HOA’s position that the utility company altered their planned tower placements to locations that did not impact our client communities.

Conservation Group Issues Support

Scenario:  A small conservation and sportsmen group was looking to increase support to their efforts to stop legislation that would allow commercial fishermen to employ deep-water methodologies in shallower coastal waters that would be extremely disruptive to natural habitats. The commercial fisher lobby was well financed and ahead of our client in influencing their legislative agenda.

Goal:  The ultimate goal of the project was to provide support to our client’s lobbying efforts that resulted in defeating the proposed legislation while guaranteeing protection for coastal water habitats.

Results:  Our campaign provided an overwhelming amount of popular support in the form of letters to legislators, local op-eds, online coverage and earned media placements voicing our client’s position. This was all accomplished using our social media engagement tactics focused on ultra-local demographics and moving online supporters to become active participants in the process. The effort yielded enough support that our client’s legislative effort was successful and had an unintended consequence of resulting in fundraising support for our relatively small non-profit client.

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