The MITA Group firmly believes that developing successful apps requires creating an experience that incorporates how our client’s customers or supporters behave in their everyday life and leverage where their customers currently interact in a digital world.  Using our client’s business objective as a guide post we use an agile development process to develop an app or web experience that makes it easy for our client’s customers to join, engage and activate.

Social Parfait:

Social Parfait is a unique Facebook app and community management platform that combines technology with social outreach and marketing programs.  Our social parfait offering includes:

  • Branded Facebook App:  The Social Parfait Facebook app makes it simple for user to join, tell and share their stories and join neighborhoods that match their interest.  In addition, the app allows our client’s to push targeted calls to action based on their customers interests and level of participation.
  • Social Outreach and Engagement Programs:  Central to the Social Parfait platform are social and digital marketing programs to recruit, engage and activate our client’s social network.   To maximize our client’s results these programs are tailored to connect with and  engage their clients and friends in much the same way as they interact in real life.
  • Campaign Management:  We offer our clients the option of partially or fully outsourcing campaign execution and management to our experienced team of digital marketers and community managers.

Expert Communities

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